The New Skin!!!

Everyone wanted  girl version of the Ragnarok, right? Well Fortnite heard you and they brought it. It also came with an awesome glider. The new backbling with new skin, Valkyrie, is awesome looking. They are bone wings with blue fire they look so amazing. Stay tuned for my next post.

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      You have to listen in class no matter what. You don’t know what might happen to you later on in that week. Something bad might happen you and your parents might find out. That’s when you might get in big trouble. At school you never want o get in trouble because you never know what might happen.

      Every day someone gets in trouble. You might  not know about it, but every day someone get s in trouble. Sometimes if you don’t listen to your teacher you might miss out on all of the fun. If you don’t want to miss out on all the fun you must behave and keep quiet while the teacher is talking.

      Today in film class all of us in class were so talkative that we had to write this long five paragraph essay. I’m going to try my best not talk as much before so I don’t have to write another long essay. It’s kind of stressful when you get in trouble because you might get in big trouble by your parents. If you were me you would not want to get in trouble by my parents. That is a really big mistake if you get trouble by my parents.


       I’m getting pretty close to the end of my essay, but I still got to write. If you are thinking to make bad choices in school, throw them away because you would get in trouble and your learning in class goes away. Your parents put you in school for a reason. They want you to learn and succeed in the future so you can grow up to be an amazing person. Never doubt your parents because they are always right.

       After reading this you probably got an idea of how important it is to listen and how important your education is. So kids if your behaving in class good job, but to those who aren’t try your best to listen.

It’s Back!!


The Power Chord is back!!! It’s one of the rarest skins in the game. It’s an amazing skin with an awesome backbling.

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There is a new gun called the suppressed assault rifle. It is an golden scar, but even better. It doesn’t make any noises when your shooting at someone so no one know where you are at. 

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It’s Here


The new Jailbreak has just arrived to Fortnite early this morning. For this amazing jailbreak skin, Fortnite added 4 different styles for it. The Jailbreak skin cost 20,000 vbucks. Everyone says it’s an awesome skin

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Some new awesome challenges also came out with the skins and the new mode. The challenges are pay the getaway mode ten times, Deal damage to opponents that hold the jewel.

, and get the jewel five times in different matches.get the  If you were to complete all your challenges you would get an awesome axe that looks like a crowbar.

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It’s Coming!!!



Fortnite is adding a new and improved awesome LTM. It’s called, the getaway. There are four safes that spawn around the map. You and your squad must fight till the end to get all the jewels that come from the safes. Once you get a gem you go to the getaway van and you win.

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Coming with the new LTM are some really awesome skins.  These skins are called the Jailbreak skins. These skins come with an awesome glider too. The glider is designed to look like a giant safe.

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Have you heard? There is a new weapon coming into Fortnite. It’s called the grappler. It launches you where ever you shoot it. It helps you get anywhere even when you’re getting pushed by someone.

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