This skin is my favorite skin in the game!!!

The nighthare is so cool. I think the design of the skin is amazing. The animation of the ears on the skin is so cool. I think the suit it’s wearing really makes in stand out with the nightmare theme.

I really love detail epic games did on the face. The eyes are the best part. The eyes make the skin stand out because just plain white makes it very scary and frightening . The backbling is cool because it is a rabbit voodoo dolls.This skin also comes with a its own pickax, called the metal carrot. I think the pickax is supposed to imitate a sickle, which used to cut down crops. Normally a sickle is used to kill people in horror movies. That is pretty much I know.

This it for today’s blog post guys. Don’t forget to follow my blog post if you haven’t yet. The next blog post is going to be about why I hate school, so stay tuned guys. Have a good day guys, bye.


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