Hey guys I found this in my drafts

Fortnite has updated their game once again with their usual Weekly Update. This update includes multiple new features and bug fixes, as well as new guns and items to use. Thisyis the legendary version they came out with. This the new rarity is really good for this gun because it really do that much damage, but it does a reasonable amount of damaged now.

I personally really like this gun because I really like the burst rifle and this kinda like it you can say. The next big part of the update would be the new Limited Time only mode: Air Royale.

This game-mode brings back airplanes, which was vaulted by Epic at the start of the season. To get loot, you need the plane you’re in to pass by a floating chest.

I most likely won’t play this game-mode because I think planes are just toxic to the game and will annoy me to the point where I don’t want to play the game at all. Epic, honestly, fix you’re game. That’s for today’s blog guys! Don’t forget to follow my blog. Go ahead and press that follow button right down below. Bye guys.


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