My anxiety

Hi it’s me, and still a piece of garbage. Oh yeah it’s click bait bye the way.

My valentine!!! :3

My valentine is boba. I asked my mom, “Is that boba from McDonalds because I’m loving it.” I really love boba, it’s my girlfriend. It pulled me out of the shadows of being lonely. I’m in a relationship and I’m proud of it. That was really cringey, so yeah. If you guys haven’t followed my…

Why do we need and education?

I know that every kid out there who goes to school hates it. Well, I’m here to explain why kids should be happy they have an education. There are many children all over the world that don’t have the opportunity to go to school and learn everything for them to have a bright future. Children…

yas shister a new chinese new year skin

this skin is so cool. I don’t know if it’s an actual skin, but still. If you guys want to know why i don’t know why if it came out or not i mentioned it in the previous blog post. I really want this skin. I hope i get some psn cards for my b-day…

some new stuff?!?

What the heck these new items are so cool. I read all about it on the fortnite page on twitter. These items are so cool. I haven’t played in a while because i got in trouble because i got in trouble so yea. I was told that they made a really goood upgrade to the…

I dunno if they going to add dis or not?!?

ummmmm. Let meh see. I don’t see this anywhere on fortnites twitter. I just found this image and thought i thought i should write about it. Okay, that’s it, guys. Don’t forget to follow me and yea, byeeeeeeeeeeee.

I really want this skin!!!

The Royale bomber is my favorite skin. The thing is I don’t have it. I’m so sad. :(. I wish i had it. I probably might get it for my b-day. so yea. That’s it guys. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

some new skin

yay a new skin coming. im so happy. its the ice kings wife or something. i think its called the ice queen. okay bye

the snow blizzard thing-a-ma-jig. =I

yay, the new snow blizzard live event happened. If you got hit by the blizzard you die. So yea. I didn’t see it and I’m still happy =P. Yea that’s it bye.

new skins :p

some new skins yay!!! :p so yeah these skins are so cool. These are just like the rock star skins. It looks like we have 6 rock star skins in fortnite now. I hope they make more of these skins. That’s it for today guys so see ya later. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

New awesome skin from a while ago

new angel skin. I really want this skin, but my mom took her credit card away from me. so you guys go buy it for me and yeah. That’s it for today’s blog post and i’ll see you guys in the next one which is going to be posted like in 10 minutes. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee