This new LTM is amazing!!!

The LTM, Air Royale is amazing. This game mode is for duo’s. In this game mode you and your partner have to take down as many airplanes as you can. Your airplane has only three lives, but you have unlimited lives. What I mean is that you can die as many times as you want, but your plane when it is destroyed it loses a life. In this game mode there are challenges you can complete to get wraps and even xp to level you up.

In this LTM there are some really cool features that fortnite has added. Instead of chest and getting different colored guns, they have you fly to a giant chest orb which come in white, green, red, blue, purple, and gold. If you get lucky and you fly through the orbs you get a upgrade to your guns. When you first start off the match you get a gray pistol, smg, and a burst assault rifle. Going through the orbs upgrades your guns to higher classed guns. If you get the golden orb you may get a mini-gun, a golden deagle, or even a infantry rifle!

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