Why is Fortnite copying Apex Legends?!?!

Okay first of all fortnite copies apex with their reviving beacon and now the backpack. The whole world is shook. They are copying apex, but why. I know that Fortnite is broke and they don’t have any ideas. So yeah pretty much fornite is a BOT. So kids convert to apex and leave fortnite in the past. If you want to go back to minecraft good for you because its not dead anymore because of fortnite. Fortnite is absolutely rigged. They have copied the reviving beacon which brought back players, that should’ve been the thing that have gave Apex legends to copyright strike them. This is really getting overboard right now. This needs to stop Fortnite! I will do a protest if this doesn’t stop. We fellow gamers sometimes hate when a game steals ideas from another game. That is very unfair.That’s it for today’s blog. Don’t forget to follow me!!! Also, if you want to start the protest with me, just comment down below saying lets do this fellow gamers.


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