New skins!!!

Hey guys welcome back to another of my blogs! Guys i’m sorry that i’m late on these two skins that i’m late on, but most of all lets get started!

This skin is the new Mezmer skin. It looks like a tikki sculpture of a snake and a crocodile mixed together. This skin is really cool ever since that the skin is green. It really goes well with the concept of a type of a reptile skin. The skin is dressed kind of like a  school boy skin. Since it has the hoodie, pants, and shoes. In my opinion I would rate this skin a 8/10

This new skin is called the sunbird. This skin is really cool. It really goes well with sunny steps since it has like a sunny feeling to it for some reason. Sunbird is also customize able skin. You can take off her mask which is really cool about her. Her backbling is really awesome. Everyone nowadays is really into wings in Fortnite right, didn’t start ever since the angel skin came out? This skin is dressed just like a school girl with a crock top and some tights. I would rate this skin a 9/10

That is it for today’s blog guys. After the next blog post I will be doing a portfolio for my Multimedia class. Don’t forget to follow my blog guys!


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