It’s Coming!!!



Fortnite is adding a new and improved awesome LTM. It’s called, the getaway. There are four safes that spawn around the map. You and your squad must fight till the end to get all the jewels that come from the safes. Once you get a gem you go to the getaway van and you win.

download (2)

Coming with the new LTM are some really awesome skins.  These skins are called the Jailbreak skins. These skins come with an awesome glider too. The glider is designed to look like a giant safe.

download (4).jpg

download (7)

Have you heard? There is a new weapon coming into Fortnite. It’s called the grappler. It launches you where ever you shoot it. It helps you get anywhere even when you’re getting pushed by someone.

download (3)

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